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Recent studies show that homes in the United States consume significantly more energy than anywhere else on the planet. The primary reasons for this are waste and inefficiency. In fact, current estimates put about 65 percent of U.S. homes under the categories of “currently under-insulated,” “not insulated,” and/or “leaking substantial amounts of air and energy.” So, if your home is anything like most homes in America, chances are you are losing dramatic amounts of energy as you read this. What is even worse is that you are paying a very high price for this waste. In fact, statistics indicate that only one-third of your oil, gas, or electricity bill is actually being spent on heating or cooling the inside of your house—the rest, about 67 percent is going straight out the window. The fact is, you will likely continue to waste significant amounts of money around the clock, until something is done to remedy the problem.

Star Energy Audits provides the most thorough, all-encompassing diagnostic home energy audits in the greater New Orleans area.. We accurately assess the unique cause of waste and inefficiency in your home, and calculate precisely what it is costing you. Furthermore, our Home Energy Experts will explain all the recourses available to you, ensuring you understand all your options. Additionally, we quantifiably demonstrate the approximate amount of money that each proposed solution can save you over time, to help you make the best decision possible. Our goal is to help ensure that your home is running as efficiently as possible. We do this by arming you with the knowledge you need to being dramatically reducing inefficiency and working towards helping you salvage thousands of dollars that are currently being wasted on energy bills. Star Energy Diagnostic Energy Reports are also delivered to you the very same day allowing you to start formulating your own ideal energy efficiency solution plan and start saving money right away. Call us today to schedule your diagnostic assessment and you’ll quickly see why getting an energy audit is not only responsible, it’s just plain smart.

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  Energy Audits
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Energy Audit
Energy Audit
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